Why Air Conditioning Could be Bad for Your Health

A lot of people can’t stand the heat especially if you live in a warm and dry place that keeps getting warmer each day. Some homeowners utilize an air conditioning (AC) system to maintain a cooler temperature while others have it as some status quo. If you haven’t taken a look at your air conditioning lately, you might have to call an air conditioning repair company. Almost all establishments and homes have some form of keeping the house cooler or warmer, but not all homeowners regularly maintain or clean them, which is sad but true and the reason why serious health conditions arise or further aggravated.

AC systems are possibly harmful to your health because of poor to no maintenance. Researchers conducted a study about the serious causes of contaminated AC systems, the causes, and its effects. Whether your AC is in your car, office, or home, regular maintenance is needed. Without cleaning or maintenance, the results will take a toll on your health. A study by the Department of Energy concluded that an existing health issue might worsen because of a poorly maintained AC such as asthma and different types of allergies.

An example used in the study was the maintenance in office and other establishments which caused employees to get sick and skin allergy. The workers started coming up with blaming the entire building for their sickness and called it “sick building syndrome.” Back then, they didn’t have any idea that they were getting sick because of the AC system and the fact that no technician ever cleaned or maintained it. A variety of illness associated with this syndrome such as a runny nose, irritated skin, fatigues, and much more proved that the issue with the AC system was dangerous. Another thing that made it more severe was that microorganisms start to dwell in the system and blown along the wind, straight to air, and most probably inhaled by employees.

Unmaintained AC systems can become a breeding nest of bacteria and other dangerous allergens. Inhaling these contaminated air can cause premature death and other serious health issues since these bacteria fly around the room along with the cold air and circulates until someone inhales them. According to the research, a well-maintained AC system is less likely to be a nest of these bacteria and allergens, and can even be beneficial to your health. The same researchers from Department of Health also recommended that the best type of AC unit is a central AC since it doesn’t do outdoor air any harm and the cold air goes through doors.

During heat waves, according to the same researchers, AC are lifesavers but during these times, they require a more often maintenance and filter washing. Another benefit of cold and cozy air is that it speeds up a person’s metabolism, making them eat and sleep more than usual. Our body can easily adapt to a change of temperature if we experience a constant rise or drop in the temperature. So, slowly decreasing or increasing the thermostat can help you get ready for the season. For example, being used to cold temperature during spring will require you to reduce the temperature gradually for one to two weeks.